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Vaginal Steaming



Never Steam During The Following Times:

Pregnancy, Menstruation, Fresh Blood Spotting, Continual Heavy or Spontaneous Bleeding between Periods, Extremely Hot Weather, After Ovulation When Trying to Conceive

There is evidence from observations that Vaginal Steam improves circulation, penetrate cells for a deep clean, softens scar tissue, moisturises and tones skin tissue, resets vaginal microbiome and stimulates healthy bacteria... 

However, this only works if using correct herbs, steam duration, set up and treatment plan. Certified practitioners are trained to be able to select a tailored plan for the patient. 


Positive effects of Vaginal Steaming:


Deep Sleep

Increased Vaginal Nectar (clear pleasant-smelling fertile mucus)

Heightened Libido and Sexual Sensation

Heightened Fertility

Circulation Improvement

Decreased PMS Symptoms

Water Retention Disbursement

Emotional Balance

Skin Beautification

Tightened and Lifted Vaginal Canal

Scar Softening

Helps Prevention and Treatment of Ingrown Hair


Cleansing side effects of Steaming: 

Urge to Urinate, Increased period clots, Increase period cramps, Increase dry cramps, Increased Irregular Vaginal Discharge or Odor (white, green, thick, clumpy), Itchiness, Bumps, Emotional Release (i.e. crying), Earlier periods, Later periods, Brown Discharge After Steam Session, Abnormal Bleeding -- Onset of Fresh Spotting or Bleeding,

Bowel Movement and/or Gas, Sexual Arousal, Skin Feels Raw or Stripped



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Steam meditations and music:


“Within and without, all impurities are cleansed with fire, water and earth.”

Modified Taoist Prayer

“Goddess of the womb, cast off all impurities and retain that which is pure.”

Taoist Prayer

"Water is my blood. Earth is my body. Air is my breath. Fire is my spirit."

Native Prayer


Home Steaming Tutorial link from Steamy chick:













"This talk is a "must" for all who are considering trying vaginal steaming or who are already using it.

Vaginal Steaming 101 is a recorded video of

Keli Garza (Steamy Chick founder) giving a talk to a group of women in Long Beach, California. 


Garza begins the talk by sharing her experience with vaginal steaming--how she learned about it, why she started using it, how she started selling vaginal steam saunas and how she became an expert practitioner.

Next, she moves on to talk about the history of vaginal steaming and why it is not more commonplace in western society. 


Finally, she shares her experience working with vaginal steam therapy. She covers postpartum care, general hygiene, unexplained infertility, infections, viruses, cramps, long periods, short periods, fibroids, cysts, prolapse, sex, miscarriage and trauma recovery. For each issue, Garza discusses the science behind how vaginal steaming works to address that area and shares case studies of her customers' successes."

Keli Garza, Steamy Chicks founder 




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