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Reiki is a form of hands on healing, with its origings in India and the East dating back many thousands of years to the time before Chist and Buddha. The Reiki as we know it now was rediscovered by a Japanese Scholar and monk Dr Mikao Tsui. It was Dr Usui who fashioned the name Reiki.

Reiki is a two sylable Japanesse word meaning universal life force. Rei means universal, omnipresent. Ki is the non physical bitality that gives life to all lliving things.

Reiki is holistic, it works on the body mind and spirit by stimulating a person's own natural healing abilities. The blocked emotional and physical elements that lead to illness and disease are cleared. Reiki is neither positive nor negative, it is in fact the highest and most profound vibration of life. Divine in origin, it allows us all to become one with all things alive in our world. Reiki is pure unconditional love and joy bringing all who experience and embrace its principles together in harmony.

When the mind, body and spirit are in the harmony the biological inteligence that governs the body's resources and allows it to heal itself and function correctly are intensified. Reiki is the key that unlocks the body's optimum capabilities. There are seven main energy centres in the body that control the flow of the universal life force. They are called the chakras.

A full Reiki treatment reopens the chakras and re-balances the flow of the universal life force around the body. A person will normally need four full treatments on four consecutive days to boost the flow of Reiki energy. This will stimulate the body's immune system and natural healling abilities. Normally the body will begin by cleansing itself of toxins. As the poisons are removed, the body becomes re-balanced and the healing process can begin.


Treatments available: 

30min In person treatment £40

30min distance healing treatment £30

60 min In person treatment + 3 x 30min distance healing sessions £140

30min Weekly group healings £20 per month.

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