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Thai Abdominal Massage

If the abdominal is congested, the whole energy of the body is blocked, slowly weakening the internal organs, and decreasing vitality and energy in the body.

Thai Abdominal Massage is a powerful form of healing. The condition of the stomach and internal organs may often be the source of many ailments. It is most comprehensive apprach to energising, strengthening, and detoxifying the internal system.

It clears out negative influences and is particularly useful in relieving intestinal suffering from:

bloating, IBS, gastric reflux, constipation, blockages, clearing out toxins, bad emotions, disorders, cramps, circulation, back pain, period pains, diabetes, flatulence, slow metabolism, and many other conditions.

Thai Abdominal Massage helps to achieve these benefits:

*detoxifies, tones and energizes internal organs and body

*improves digestive system

*promotes lymphatic drainage and removes toxins

*releases intestinal blockages

*increases energy and release of built up emotions

Deep massage techniques are used to free blockages from tight muscles, scar tissue and digestion issues..

This will increase the flow of energy to internal organs for healthier functioning.

Massage of the stomach and abdomen is designed to restore a natural balance to the organs by training them to operate more efficiently.

Treatment prices:

90min treatment £85

2 x 90min £150

6 x 90min treatments £450

Mobile home treatment:

2hrs £105

5 x 2hrs £480

Home treatment also includes ayurvedic face lift massage and/or steamed thai herbs compress.

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