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Chronic Back Pain Treatments

Treating chronic back pain requires daily work by the patient. It is the daily exercises and little changes in the lifestyle that will bring lasting results.

The treatments that I provide to help patients with chronic back pain are:

Neuroskeletal realignment therapy


Spiral Stabilization method.

I personally recommend having one treatment of each on monthly basis alongside your daily spiral stabilization exercise that I teach you. 

Spiral Stabilization method













Video by Jana Mitackova of Spiral Stabilization UK, talking about the method.

Full information about the method can be found HERE.

Buy your equipment HERE .

Neuroskeletal re-alignment therapy

This therapy is very gentle, using only light touch, but amazing in its results. No-one can get any worse as no pressure is applied. 

It can treat any musculo-skeletal/ neurological condition as it works to re-align muscle, tendon, ligament and bone through the central nervous system. It can be used on all ages, from babies to the elderly and can help improve mobility and sensation. 

The therapy helps to improve these conditions:

Whiplash Injuries
Sciatic pain
Disc problems



Ankylosing Spondylitis

Cervical Spondylosis


Pain and joint problems due to sports injuries and accident trauma

General Back Pain

Arthritis management (regular treatments help quality of life)

Osteoporosis (regular treatments help quality of life)


More information about this therapy HERE.





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